About Us

Laynie Jayne was started by 2 moms who had a flair for fashion. We were tired of finding clothes that we loved only to realize that they were far too expensive. We decided to join our talents and our 'passion for fashion' and launch a  small boutique in Utah. We really wanted a place where we could share our fashion ideas with others. Owning our own boutique allowed us to sell classy & chic clothes at an affordable price. 

It didn't take long before we grew beyond the brick and mortar boutique, so we took our fashion-sense online. We think LaynieJayne.com is the best place to find fabulous, gorgeous, & darling clothes. You'll often see our clothes for sale on sites like Jane.com, Groopdealz, Brickyard Buffalo and Sassy Steals

Our number one goal at Laynie Jayne is to bring you the latest designer-inspired fashions and trends for such a fabulous price you won't want to shop anywhere else! We are thrilled that you found us and hope you visit often. 



P.S. You can always find out what we're up to and what clothes are on sale by following our Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook accounts!