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Fall Fashion Ideas (Part 2)

I’m excited about these pieces because they’re simple, classy, comfortable and can really be dressed up or down, depending on whether I’m headed to work, on a date with my hubs or...

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Nothing to Wear?

... We really do deserve something fresh and new. A go-to outfit or two that we can feel comfortable and sexy in at the same time. (Crazy, I know!) That’s what we’re all about at Laynie Jayne. Don’t get us wrong- we love fashion- but we also realize that not everyone has a budget for designer clothes, and for moms of little ones- let’s be honest- it’s just not worth it....
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Pillow Time!

...Get inspired to do a bit of redecorating with our favorite pillowcases! We’ve got 50 to choose from- all kinds of colors & themes- from nautical, to adorable arrows and elephants, a pop of gold or your favorite super hero. ...


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