Fall Fashion Ideas (Part 2)

Fall Fashion Ideas (Part 2)

As promised, fall fashion, round 2!

Last week’s post may have lead you to believe that I do not like fall. Oh contraire. Fall is a beautiful time of year but I’m just not ready for it yet. I’m not ready to ditch my shorts and flip-flops but I know it will soon be time to don warmer wear.

 So I thought I’d share with you a new fall outfit I recently added to my wardrobe. As a mom of 3 busy little girls, I love fashion. But at the end of the day, being able to sit on the floor and play My Little Pony or pretend I’m a Lego master builder takes the cake.

I’m excited about these pieces because they’re simple, classy, comfortable and can really be dressed up or down, depending on whether I’m headed to work, on a date with my hubs or playing with my girls.

My favorite fall-to-winter piece is the cardigan. I absolutely LOVE this emerald shade. I love how many different styles there are to choose from these days! This particular cardi has brass buttons, which add some pop and dimension.

You may remember this gorgeous necklace from Dia’s Jewels that was part of the package I reviewed earlier this month from mommymailbox.com. Talk about going from day-to-night, this little accent piece adds class to any outfit!

 These skinny jeans from DKNY (which you can read more about here) are perfect for the bottom half. Great fit. Great stretch. Not so tight you need your husband to peel them off of you at the end of the day.

And to cap it all off, I like to throw on a pair of boots, or sandals if it’s still warm.

 That’s a wrap on a fall outfit I know I’ll be wearing a lot this fall/winter.

 What are some of your favorite fall pieces? We’d love to hear from you!

Have a great week!