Fall Fashion Ideas (Part 1)

Fall Fashion Ideas (Part 1)

As much as I don’t want summer to end, the weeks keep screaming by and each day inches us closer to the inevitable.

 While we’re still enjoying toasty temps in the valleys in Utah, we recently took a drive up a local mountain canyon and couldn’t believe what we saw: leaves that were already changing colors! (Gasp!)

So, to help me through my newfound depression, I’ve been looking forward to doing a little shopping and adding a few new fall pieces to my wardrobe. It really is amazing what a cute new top can do to enhance my mood.

Over the next couple weeks I’ll be sharing some fashion tips and favorite pieces that you’ll want to snatch up and tuck away for those soon-to-be chilly days of fall.

This post is dedicated to the classic layering tee. These babies are so versatile! I love to add warmth by throwing on a cute short-sleeved tee over the top, or wearing a tank underneath. Consider the endless possibilities of adding a darling scarf or layered necklace over the top. A warm vest, a denim jacket… believe me when I say these literally go with anything.

And for your bottom half? Well, these beauties are snug enough to be tucked into a skirt or worn with your favorite pair of jeans. Heck, these tees can be dressed up or worn on those days where you just want to wrap up in a cozy blanket and sip hot chocolate with marshmallows all day.

 As we frantically try to enjoy every last drop of summer, remember that fall comes with its perks too, and one of them is being able to wear our favorite layering tee.