Magnify the Beauty You Have Within

Magnify the Beauty You Have Within

My daughters and I just saw Cinderella (the live-action version) for the second time and I was reminded how important it is for me to continually teach them that true beauty isn’t about what you wear, it’s a reflection of what you look like on the inside!

 In today’s world, it’s so easy to become consumed with looks. Everywhere we turn there are billboards and magazines that portray what society sees as the perfect woman and we give in too often and too easily. As a society, we spend too much money on the latest fashions and makeup and not enough investment on building kids up, helping them see that they are beautiful and special without those things.

 I loved the concept in Cinderella that no matter what comes our way we have the power to handle it with grace and courage. That’s what I want my daughters to know about beauty. That light from within is a compilation of all the good you do. It’s the way you treat and talk about people, including yourself, it’s the way you pick yourself up after disappointment, how you handle defeat and what you feel in your heart.

Fashion and makeup simply enhances that inner beauty. So go on, do something that will beautify your SOUL. Compliment someone, send a quick thank you text, spend a few minutes meditating, or be grateful for all the good around you.

What do you do to magnify that beauty from within?