Nothing to Wear?





  photo cred: Lara604 via FlickrHave you ever opened your closet, sighed and thought, “I have absolutely nothing to wear!” We’ve been there too! Talk about first world problems, right? But seriously, as moms we tend to deprive ourselves of simple pleasures- like a new outfit- because we never get out or we don’t feel comfortable in anything but sweats and those baggy t-shirts that give us the body shape equivalent of SNL’s Pat.

(Photo Cred: Lara604 via Flickr)


The truth of the matter is sometimes we really do deserve something fresh and new. A go-to outfit or two that we can feel comfortable and sexy in at the same time. (Crazy, I know!) That’s what we’re all about at Laynie Jayne. Don’t get us wrong- we love fashion- but we also realize that not everyone has a budget for designer clothes, and for moms of little ones- let’s be honest- it’s just not worth it.


So, here’s a deal on a brand new outfit that will keep you feeling good about yourself- and your bank account. We’ve been wearing our silky, tummy-slimming yoga capris all summer long. (Find them on this weekend!) They’re so comfortable and you can wear them on those days where you know you’ve got errands to run, ball games to attend and water fights to begin and they’re only $8.99!

Next, enter our favorite graphic tanks. These are all the rage right now- and we’re selling them for a steal at just $7.99! Not only are they so easy to wear, they sport some of our favorite mantras like “Messy hair Don’t care” and “Blessed.”

 So, go on. Give yourself permission to buy something new for yourself. It’ll be worth it- a new outfit for less than $20 and a boost to your confidence. What more could you ask for? Most importantly it’s going to be the perfect go-to on those days when you wake up thinking, “I have nothing to wear!”