Pillow Time!

All right ladies, this isn’t our typical fashion post this week. While it doesn’t feature clothing, it’s very much about style- your style. We’re taking a trip from the closet to the family room, the kids' rooms, and that window seat you’re always wondering what to do with.


Ever walk into a room that has just the perfect pop of color and realize the main attraction is a small collection of eye-catching pillows? There’s something so simple but comforting about it. While pillows are great for afternoon naps and lazy movie nights, they’re also the easiest way to make a statement. These little bits of fabric and fluff can build on a decorating theme you’ve created, add style and texture to your room. Heck, pillows can even be the theme.


This week on Jane.com, we’ve got you covered. Get inspired to do a bit of redecorating with our favorite pillowcases! We’ve got 50 to choose from- all kinds of colors & themes- from nautical, to adorable arrows and elephants, a pop of gold or your favorite super hero. They’re 18"x18", the perfect size for little ones to use as floor cushions, but they also make great places to rest your head while reading or taking that well-deserved Sunday afternoon nap.


So, get down with your creative-self this weekend and do some decorating with pillows. We promise it will make all the difference!